As a brand strategy, design and marketing agency, RockMyBrand delivers the full spectrum of brand and marketing services – all under one roof.

Brand Research

Embarking on a brand research program will provide better insights into the health of your brand. A business’s potential can be maximized by identifying threats and opportunities. You will gain a better understanding of how your customers are aligned with your values and gain insights to the health of your competitors.

Brand Naming

It’s important to ensure that a new brand naming and tagline endeavor takes its place at the very start of your brand journey, working hard to ensure that the vision and ideas resonate with your potential clients and customers. We craft company and brand names, straplines and taglines to begin your brand story with the right tone of voice and emotional content.

Brand Identity

We design brand identity systems that work together to create unified, consistent and flexible brand assets, communicating the brand value to the target audience effectively. Designing these systems takes experience, skill and a strong sense of what resonates emotionally.

Brand Strategy

Effective communication and an understanding of business strategy is key to delivering effective brand strategy and positioning for startups or rebranding established businesses. Your brand echoes the promise and commitment you make to customers, your people and the people who have a stake in your future.

Brand Execution

We will help plan, define and craft your brand identity, ensuring brand continuity across all channels and mediums. From website design to letterheads, Powerpoint templates to mass audience engagement on large screens. We ensure tight adherence to your brand collateral ensuring you never lose control.

Brand Marketing

We’ll assist in getting you noticed by crafting the right story and supporting it with a marketing campaign, events, brand advertising and communications that will ensure your brand is noticed, rising above your competitors.

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