About Rockmybrand: Specialist Cape Town branding consultancy

Imagine your brand being top of the heap in your prospective market. Your brand commands such a presence that your clients and prospects aren’t even interested in the competition. You’ve become a perfect target for top talent, who actively seek you out. Imagine all communication emanating from your organisation being done so with clarity of execution and consistent brand message. And imagine every client interaction and experience reflecting and reinforcing your brand promise.

At Rockmybrand, we’re here to help you make your brand aspirations a reality – we’re in the business of building strong, enduring brands that enable business growth.

Recently established, Rockmybrand is a brand strategy, design and marketing consultancy. We partner with various organisations across many industries – yet we have a deep specialisation in financial services and B2B.

We are a team of strategists, researchers, marketers, designers and client managers – that believes, to our core, in the transformative power of brand. This isn’t just a job to us – we love what we do! We also understand and empathise with the business challenges and practicalities our clients face, having worked client-side for many years.

We believe that building strong, successful brands requires equal parts science and imagination. At Rockmybrand, we combine powerful, research-derived insights and disciplined strategy, with a healthy dose of intuition and creative excellence to define and express your brand’s unique essence.


We don’t settle for good when great is up for grabs.

We stretch, grow and develop ourselves and our clients’ businesses.


We will walk a mile in your shoes.

We consider things from our clients’ perspectives and seek to build a foundation of trust that underpins everything we do.


And that starts in the Rockmybrand office.

We respect ourselves and each other. We support, nurture and guide our team, our clients, and everyone we work alongside.


We listen intently to understand deeply.

We ask great questions, draw out connections, and always seek to go beyond the obvious to get to the heart of what’s important.


We say we will deliver, and then we do.

And that goes for every promise we make; be that to our clients or to each other. We are committed, we take ownership and we operate with a real sense of purpose.


This isn’t ‘just a job’ for us.

We genuinely love the work that we do, and it shows. We believe, to our core, in the transformative power of brand and the magic that occurs here.

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